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Industrial Energy Technology

In times of global rising demand for energy, it is of great importance that students acquire the knowledge and skills to identify energy saving potentials within an organization.

The interdisciplinary study program industrial energy technology covers subjects like innovative energy technology, fossil fuel technology, thermal process technology, electrical engineering, sustainability, economical and ecological evaluation schemes as well as energy management, energy markets and energy law. Thereby the program focusses on process engineering, the extractive and producing industry.

Bachelor program

Next to engineering and science basics students acquire profound knowledge about process engineering, energy technology, exhaust gas treatment, environmental analysis and economics. During the seventh semester students compile a bachelor thesis.

Master program

Next to the main subjects which are energy supply, energy usage, process engineering and energy management students solve a practical problem within an actual project, acquire experience during an internship and finish with writing a master thesis.

The master program

  • directs students to acquire profound knowledge in energy related basics and applications in theory, methodology and industrial applications as well as entrepreneurial thinking.
  • serves as a scientific and practical specialization towards application and usage of those topics,
  • empowers students to independently solve problems within the field of sustainable energy technology,
  •  teaches students the necessary skills to design innovative, functional, cost optimised and  sustainable solutions for engineering tasks,
  • gives students a broad scope to oversee and coordinate interdisciplinary challenges.

Qualification profile

Within the industry there is a high global demand for engineers with an energy technology profile. Our study program aims at preparing students to cope with energy related challenges within research and development, production, planning, sales, commissioning, maintenance up to the higher management. Possible fields of activity are:

  • energy supply within the industry under special consideration of sustainability and environmental protection
  • generation and usage of renewable and alternative energy
  • energy transformation and usage with high efficiency
  • development and use of innovative energy technologies
  • energy networks
  • economic and ecological evaluation
  • energy management
  • energy oriented, sustainable sales and planning

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Industrial Energy Technology